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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Long time, no post...

I've been neglecting my blog lately. A lot has been going on, but they're little things that I hadn't planned on writing about, but what they heck. I'll write about them.

Our office here is taking on so many new people that we're moving to a bigger office building after the chinese labor day holiday. I haven't been over there to look at the new offices, but I've heard it's nice. The people who are planning the move have been talking about inviting the press and having a fireworks show the night the new office opens... I didn't think anyone would care. Maybe they won't.

It rained last Saturday. We don't get a lot of rain here and a few of us had planned to go do some shopping, but decided to wait until next weekend. I spent the day cleaning and catching up on my sleep.

A few of us in the office decided to hire a chinese language teacher and we'll be starting lessons in the middle of May. Right now there are only three of us taking the class... one person from India, one from the Netherlands, and myself. I'm looking forward to being able to speak at least some basic chinese.

I'm still taking my Tai Chi lessons, but I haven't had any time to practice. I need to start doing that... some time.

I decided the laptop the company issued me isn't powerful enough to run my own applications (i.e. games), so I decided to buy a desktop computer with some power. There isn't a lot of demand for the newest and most powerful computer setups here, so it's one of the few things I've found that cost more here than back in the US. So, instead of buying a new computer here I'm having my computer from home shipped over.

Some of my friends back home have convinced me to try Everquest again. We all played on different servers, so we never got to group together in the game, but with all of the servers going through mergers and Sony offering to move characters to other servers for free I decided to join them. We still haven't decided what server we're moving to yet, but hopefully we'll decide by the time I get my computer.

One of the local TV channels was showing When Harry met Sally last night (it was in chinese, or course) and I noticed that they cut the fake orgasim scene. It's interesting what they consider pornographic here, compared to the west. The fact that they cut the scene was almost as funny to me as the scene itself.


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