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Monday, March 14, 2005

Breakfast of Champions!

I found a little place near my office that sells pizza! Not only that, they sell Corona beer too!!! I'm going to have to try the pizza sometime... I already got the chicken curry I ordered before I discovered that they had pizza. I'll have to wait until the weekend to have a corona since they close at 9pm and I don't get off of work until much later that during the week. Most of the stores and restaurants close early here. There's a little drugstore nearby called CVS (not sure if they are owned by the CVS in the US) which has a sign that says, "Open 24 hours" in english, but I'm not sure they know what that is.

I can't wait to learn more chinese. I've been learning a little bit here and there, but I need to learn more. It feels kind of weird walking down the street, seeing a bunch of stores and restaurants, and having no idea what they sell unless you actually go in them. I'm glad there are lots of places to eat since shopping for food is tough without knowing the language. I've seen a lot of things at the grocery store that looked good, but I have no idea how to cook it or for how long. I can't help but admire all of those people who immigrate to the US (or anywhere, for that matter) without knowing the local language, learning that and become successful too. It's not easy.


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