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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Happy Latern Festival!

Yesterday was the end of the Spring Festival here which started two weeks ago, and is called the Lantern Festival. From what I could gather, everyone shoots off fireworks, gets together with their families, lights colorful lanterns, and burns little paper offerings for something (ancestors maybe?). Anyways, the fireworks started at around dusk and it was very impressive... imagine the fireworks show that you would see in the States during 4th of July and have it go on for hours! And they didn't just shoot off fireworks from one place, but from all over the city. Just about all of the locals shot off everything from little firecrackers to those big starburst fireworks. I was surprised how loud those big starburst ones are when one goes off right above you!

That was the good news... now for the bad... I found out that the local goverment has blocked people here from viewing any blogs from the blog server I use. I can still post messages, but I can't see what the blog looks like. Nothing like a little censorship to remind you that you're someplace run by communists. Hopefully, they'll never get around to blocking my ability to post to it, but if they do I'll have someone put up a message here about where I'll move this blog to. In the mean time, I'll keep posting here.

Oh, by the way... that means I can't see, or reply to, any comments posted... sorry.


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