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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Instead of taking off a lot of one or two day holidays all through out the year, like we do in the US, there are only three holidays here in China when we get time off, but we get a lot of time off during these holidays... usually a week.

The first is the Spring Festival which usually starts in February, the second is Labor Day which begins on May 1st, and the third is National Day which is on October 1st. I think I'm going to schedule my vacations out of China around these. I'm not planning on doing anything this upcoming Labor Day... maybe explore Dalian some more. I might go back to the US in October for a week or so. It will be nice to see everyone back home (and go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival!). Maybe I'll go to Australia and New Zealand around the time of the next Spring Festival. It'll be nice and warm there. Next May should be a nice month to travel around in China and see the sights I didn't get to see on my last trip here. A lot of possibilities and lots of time to plan.


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