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Monday, March 28, 2005

Books and a steak

This weekend I went downtown with a friend and we went to a few bookstores. The large bookstore had some software and some really nice books on Chinese art that I might go back for. The smaller bookstore was a foreign language bookstore (foreign to Chinese, that is), and they had some books in english. I'll probably be going back there when I eventually get tired of reading IBM technical manuals and need to read something with a plot. They had a good selection of Shakespeare, so I might get around to reading his plays that I haven't read yet.

In between the two bookstores was a place that served steak! The steaks they had were sirloin, t-bone, and some huge thing they called the "Australian Cut". I'm guessing it was a 16 oz porterhouse that went for 50 RMB (about $6.25). Each of them includes a small salad, cup of soup, pasta, an egg, tea, dessert (yogart, I think), and a small glass of chinese wine. I wasn't that hungry so I had the sirloin (for 30 RMB). It was pretty good! The wine wasn't that good. I've heard there are some dry chinese wines, but thisn't wasn't one of them (I hope). This was a little closer to cherry cough syrup. They also had pork chops and chicken, as well as chinese food. We got there right before lunch time, so we didn't have too much trouble getting a table. It filled up very quickly after we got there. I'll definitely be going back to this place.


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