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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bad cold, good company, and Redskins

Last week we had a cold weather front move through northeast China, and in some places the tempature dropped as much as 10 degrees Celsius (about 18 degrees Fahrenheit). The cool air felt pretty good to me, but I woke up with a head cold on Saturday. Most of the weekend was spent just laying around my apartment feeling miserable, but I did go out with some friends on Saturday for dinner at a Sichuan restaurant. I think the spicy food helped my cold some.

On Sunday afternoon Phyllis came over to keep me company and we watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on DVD and then we went out for dinner at a hotpot restaurant for dinner. It was very nice, but my cold was wearing me out a lot and I felt like I had to sneeze about every five minutes. I wish I had been better company, but Phyllis was very nice and did not seem to mind. I still felt sick on Monday and worked from home. Today I feel much better though. Luckily the cold didn't get into my chest and it just stayed a head cold. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

Last year I had discovered that the NFL had created a web based portal to local radio stations that broadcasted NFL games called NFL Season Pass, which you could subscribe to and listen to the games on your hometown radio stations over the internet. This year they have a new portal so that people outside of the US can watch videos of the games over the internet. I also found some other websites that broadcast the games for free, but so far the free ones I have found only broadcast the games live. NFL's site allows you to watch games afterwards, which is good because of the time difference here (currently 12 hours between here and EST). The only problem with the NFL's site is that it costs $250! I do not mind getting up at 4:00am to watch the Redksins, but I think I'll try to find another site that is like the NFL's that doesn't cost so much.


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