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Monday, May 29, 2006

Long Saturday

This last Saturday I went to a town to the southwest of Dalian called Lushun with some co-workers. Lushun is home to a Chinese naval base that I am not allowed to go to, but there was still some things to do and see in Lushun. We visited some scenic overlooks, some memorials, a snake zoo, and then had a very long lunch/dinner back in Dalian.

At two of the places we stopped at they had some history of Lushun and about how the Japanese and Russians had fought over the naval base during their war in 1905. Somehow Lushun ended up under Japanese control for a few years and they built a monument that is still there today. The snake zoo (also called the snake museum) was just a large building with snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and a few seals. You could donate a few yuan to the zoo, and they would throw a chicken in with the crocodiles for you, but we did not have a lot of time for that. Here I am with a big snake though...

After running around in Lushun we came back to Dalian at around 1:30 and spent about three hours eating at a buffet/hot pot place. Usually when I have had hot pot in the past it was beef or pork, but this day we had a lot of seafood and a little lamb. There was a variety of seafood, such as clams, scallops, big crabs, little crabs, and something that I think is called a squib (?). It looks like a cross between a crawfish and a bug. After all of that food I needed a nap.

After my nap, I got together with Kaoruko and Yukiko to go check out a new night club here called Rock Action Club. I had gotten a message that there was to be three bands playing some instrumental rock, but it was sort of like psychodelic rock and very loud for such a small place. The club sort of reminded me of the old 9:30 Club in D.C... dark and down in the basement of a building. It got too smokey and loud for Kaoruko so she went home after developing a headache, and Yukiko and I ended up at a Korean BBQ place. We ate and talked for a long time, and ended up closing the place at around 11:00pm or so.


  • Hey Steve, as you did with Da Hei Shan, you're leading the way for me to buck the authorities and risk capture! :-)

    I've avoided Lushun and Da Hei Shan (until I went there during May Holiday at least) because they were both said to be completely off limits to foreigners. I think this is just lazy information from Chinese people trying to be helpful.. and I think you're likely right - it's not a problem if you stay on this side of the rail (so to speak).

    It's on my list to visit.

    BTW: In case my lack of comments led you to think otherwise, I do still read your blog :-) It's just impossibly slow to get on here and post comments because Blogspot blogs are blocked here in China. How do you stand it?

    By Blogger The Humanaught, at 7:37 AM  

  • Yeah, if you stay clear of the naval base, and don't walk around asking strangers where you can find a nuclear submarine you should be ok in Lushun. ;)

    How do I stand the slow connections here? I can't. Normally I'm pretty patient, but it gets very aggrevating sometimes. Luckily, I'm kind of a geeky and can find ways to improve my connections.

    Good luck!

    By Blogger Steve Harms, at 8:12 AM  

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