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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A few little things...

Last Saturday I went to a shopping mall here in Dalian with some friends looking for pictures for my new apartment... Yeah, I've been so busy I have not had a chance to shop for those since I've moved into the place. Anyways, we found a lot of nice pictures and I bought one. I am planning to go back and get some more later. I also need to find some picture hangers... It's amazing that I have had trouble finding any of those here. I will probably resort to nails.

I keep thinking that Spring has arrived and then we have a day like today... cold and windy. Oh well, it is warming up slowly but surely. This year's Dalian International Walking Day is being held this Saturday. I think last year's was in June, and we had wonderful weather for that. This year we have a lot of people from the office going on the walk and we are all hoping we have nice weather for it.

The bus I take to work in the morning has a TV, and they usually show cartoons and music videos (as well as a lot of commercials). This morning they were playing a music video with a lady singing a Chinese version of the Christmas carol "Tidings of comfort and joy". It sounded really good with a rock-and-roll beat, but I wonder if the lyrics were the same. I'm not sure what the communist party's ministry of propaganda would do if Christian rock become extremely popular here. Oh, wait... actually I do know.


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