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Friday, February 10, 2006

Lease signed

The weather here finally started to warm up a little and has been a little above freezing yesterday and today. There is still a lot of snow on a few of the roads and most of the sidewalks from some snowfall we had earlier in the week. Most of the work I had to do this week was during the evenings and at night, so I had some time to have lunch a few times with a friend from Japan, but she flew back to Japan today. Another good reason to visit Japan sometime soon.

I finally decided on a new apartment, and signed the lease today. I chose the one in a place called Yi Pin Xinghai, which is right next to Xinghai Square. The apartment is on the 12th floor and has a so-so view of the sea and a nice view of Xinghai Square. Unfortunately, they will be building a new high-rise next door and it will block most of my view of Xinghai Square. On the plus side though, they are also planning on building a Carrefour (french-owned grocery store) as well as a swimming pool and fitness center in our complex.

I'll be moving on Wednesday, so this weekend will be spent packing my junk and cleaning the old apartment. I'll post pictures after I move next week. After I move I have to go register my new address with the police. That reminds me, they have a law here where if I stay overnight at the residence of a Chinese citizen, or if a Chinese citizen stays overnight at my place, we are suppose to inform the police 24 hours ahead of time. I guess they want to protect the citizenry from the evil influences of foreigners. I do not think that most Chinese even know about this law, or they just choose to ignore it.


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