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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nice weekend

On Saturday I went to the gym again. Did some bicycling and weight lifting. I wanted to go swimming too, but I forgot my swimsuit at home. Oops. I went to lunch with a co-worker afterward and we did a little wandering around some of the shopping centers after lunch and that afternoon we went back to the fitness center to do yoga. This was the first time I have tried yoga. It wasn't too difficult and I think I was a little less sore from my earlier workout the next day due to all of the stretching I got doing yoga, so I will probably keep going back.

Tonight I went to dinner with some friends who work for Dell. We went to a little Muslim place near where I live and had all kinds of things to eat... mostly lamb dishes. One of my friends who joined me for dinner was from Canada and the rest were from Japan. One of the girls from Japan was originally from North Korea, but her parents defected to Japan when she was a baby. We all had some interesting discussions about China, and all of the good things and problems we had all encountered here. It was a very pleasant evening.


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