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Monday, September 26, 2005

Vacation in the U.S.

I was worried that either my flight out of Dalian or Beijing would be late, but they were both on time and I didn't have any problems making my connections. My flight from San Francisco to Washington was delayed for two hours, so I didn't get into Washington until about 8:30 last night. Still plenty of time to make it to Rio Grande restaurant for fajitas! Yum! After 25 hours of being on various aircraft it was wonderful!

Today I am just hanging out and recovering from all of the flight time yesterday. The Washington Redskins are not playing this weekend, so I don't even have any TV that I need to watch. A very nice lazy Sunday. I do plan on fixing dinner for my parents tonight. I have not done in cooking while I was in Dalian, so that will be nice! I think I'll practice my Chinese a little and then take a little nap. :)


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