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Friday, September 16, 2005


Ganxie Shangdi jintian shi Xingqiwu! (TGIF!)

I think the world knows when you are getting close to having a holiday and/or vacation, and it piles up more work for you to do. A lot to do, but this weekend is going to fun. Dalian Software Park has setup a Foreign Employee Club for foreign workers here, and to kick things off they are having a party on Saturday night. I am not sure yet of the nationalities that will be there, but it should be interesting.

Sunday night I am also going to a party for single IBM employees who are not going out of town to visit family during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I've been told there will be a band with lots of singing and dancing. Since so many of the ladies here have asked me if I am going I think my feet will be sore on Monday.


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