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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Work stuff

I usually don't talk about work much, but this week has been pretty busy. We are starting up a new program to help our people speak better English and Japanese (depending on their customers). We even have one person from one of our offices in Australia, Sue, who has been in Dalian the last few weeks helping. So, besides my normal workload, I am going to be mentoring between five and ten people to help them improve their English. I am hoping that in the future we'll have a similiar program to help us foreigners improve our Chinese.

On Friday we had a meeting of all of the people from our office here in Dalian (pictured above and below). Besides the "How we did in the first part of the year" and "What we are going to do in the second part of the year" discussions, there were some awards for outstanding service. My team here got an award for all of the hard work we have been doing supporting our global products.

As part of the award we also get to go out for dinner someplace and can expense it to the company. The three of us decided we would go out somewhere next Saturday, and that it would be the three of us and we could each bring a guest. I am not sure who I am going to invite since I wanted to invite Sue, but she's leaving Dalian before next to Shanghai for a few weeks and then back to Australia. Working for a global company has its good points and bad points, I guess.

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