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Thursday, August 11, 2005

TV Stardom?

Today was an interesting day. My company here has its office in a part of Dalian called Dalian Software Park, which is zoned for high tech companies. Dalian Software Park decided to make a film talking with various people about Dalian and Dalian Software Park from all of the different high tech companies in Dalian and I was invited to attend. From IBM we had one person from China, one from Hong Kong, one from the Netherlands, one from Japan and myself being filmed. Basically, we just said how much we enjoyed living and working in Dalian, how nice the people were, etc... There was some speculation in our office about where this film footage was going to be aired. Some people were saying CCTV (China Central TV... the national channel seen every where in China) and some said on the Dalian TV channels, but I think it is going to be used to promote Dalian Software Park to other high tech firms who are thinking about opening offices in China. Who knows though, maybe I'll become a star! No... no autographs, sorry. Hehe


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