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Monday, June 20, 2005

Phone and cable

I decided I need a cell phone and have been looking around for a good price on the model I've selected. On Saturday I went to a place here in town called Victory Square. I'm not sure what the victory is about, and no one else here seems to know either. Anyways, Victory Square is a huge shopping area most of which is underground. It would probably take days to visit every shop there... It's that big. I didn't have much luck finding my phone, but found some new DVDs, CDs, and shirts. My search for a good price on my phone will continue later, I guess.

My landlord installed new cable boxes for our TVs, so now I get 56 channels instead of 24. One of them is in english, and the rest are in chinese. Of course, the one in english is the most boring channel... It's mostly business news. The big problem now is trying to figure out how to route my DVD player through the cable box (or the other way around). All of the plug markings on both the cable box and DVD are in chinese, and none of the user manuals show to hook them both up. I'm not even sure how to switch between the cable and the DVD even if I do get the cables hooked up right, since all of the labels for the buttons on the remotes are in chinese. It is going to be an interesting puzzle to waste my off time on.


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