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Monday, June 13, 2005

Enjoy Party

Friday night I went to a bar here called JD's after work. It had a good mix of Chinese, Americans, Russians, Canadians, Germans, Swiss, etc..., and even some Pakistani's. The crowd was loud, rowdy, and young and we all had a good time. The next day we went to this place here called Enjoy Party. It's a kareoke place. It looks sort of like a hotel. You go to the lobby and get a room, then go get snacks and drinks, and then you're taken to your room which is like a small room with a kareoke machine and some microphones. Everyone then sits around and sings songs. I didn't sing any, and since I didn't know any of the lyrics to the songs I couldn't tell if the singing was good or bad. On the cans of Coca Cola we bought there was a thing about a contest they were having where you could win a trip to Hong Kong for the opening of the new Disneyland there in September, and one of the ladies with us won! Figuring the odds, we guessed that only one or two people in Dalian will win one of these trips, so she was very lucky.


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