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Monday, May 30, 2005

Suprisingly, my feet don't hurt

Last week was kind of a blur. Lots to do at work and not as much sleep as I would have liked. This week I start my two week late late shift... 6:30pm to 3:00am. After two weeks I'll go back to my regular late shift. I also found out that funding for my training trip to the US still hasn't been approved, so now it'll be late July or August if we have the training. If it is in late August I might not go home to Maryland until around Christmas time instead of October for vacation. Maybe I'll do some travelling here in October if I don't go home then.

This weekend the city of Dalian had a walkathon. It wasn't for charity, or anything like that... it was just to walk. They invited anyone who wanted to walk 5k, 10k, 20k, or 30k to come out and walk. A little over 100,000 people showed up on Saturday. Saturday's walk was along a scenic route along the sea. We walked the 10k route. It was very crowded, but it wasn't too hot and we had a nice breeze most of the time. There were all kinds of groups there from various companies and organizations. The one that really surprised me was there were a few people from the Nationalist Party there. Maybe that's a good sign!

After the walk Maggie took me to a really nice dim sum place for lunch. It turned out to be the most expensive lunch I have had here in Dalian... about 117 RMB each, but it was really good. After that Maggie wanted to show me the new townhouse she bought, so we went and picked up the keys, and along with some of her friends, we went out to look at it. They haven't finished construction yet, but we could go in and see it. The living room has a large window with a great view of the sea, but if you look around to the right you can see some kind of factory that isn't that great to see. All in all, it should be really nice after it is completed and furnished. The rest of the day was mostly spent wandering around town looking for music and watching movies.

Sunday I woke up with a pizza craving, so I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Surprisingly, Pizza Hut is almost considered gourment dining here. I think it is just because it is unique and clean. There was a line that went out the door at lunchtime. After lunch I spent the afternoon studying chinese, and helping a friend with their computer. Later on, a few of us went to a co-worker's place for dinner. He's from the Netherlands, but we had chinese food. All the ladies took over the kitchen, so we just hung out, drank beer, and listened to the Rolling Stones and Robert Cray. It was very nice and relaxing.

Found a good Memorial Day article here.


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