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Monday, May 02, 2005

On Holiday!

The Chinese Labor Day holiday started yesterday here, but since I had to work yesterday and today my holiday starts tonight and runs until the 9th. I've been talking to people who work here, and visiting other blogs about Dalian, and have some ideas of things to do during my week off (besides catching up on my sleep). There's suppose to be some parks with some impressive statues and some scenic places that I'll try and see, as well as an aquarim, zoo and bird sanctuary. Those will be nice to visit since the only animals I ever see in the city are cats, dogs, sparrows, magpies, and lots and lots and lots of people.

There are a couple of pubs here where foreigners like to hang out that I want to visit. The one that is close by is called JDs, which is described as an American/Russian/Chinese Hip Hop-like club. That's kind of hard to imagine, so I'll have to go check it out and see what it's like. One of the other places is called Dave's Bar and is suppose to be the big hangout place for foreigners living in Dalian, but it's all the way across town. Someone told me about a place here called Green Beer Garden which is a quiet place where people play chess and drink beer. Sounds kind of strange since I've always tried to have some active brain cells when I play chess.

There's also some resturants I want to visit. Someone said there was a place called Fat's Cafe that is nice. A Japanese friend of mine who works here told me about her favorite resturants... an Italian place called Le Cafe Igosso and a Japanese place called M'An (or something like that). Now I just have to find these places.


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