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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Language and food

Things at work are going along as I expected... a lot of reading to get up to speed on how things work here and about the various systems and applications that I'll be working on. Things will get more busy as time goes by starting next week.

Hopefully I'll find the time to learn some more chinese. It's kind of strange going someplace, like out to eat, and not being able to understand people or have them understand you. I've started out learning a little of the important stuff... money and food.

Speaking of food, I found a McDonalds and a KFC that I can get to easy enough on the local train that runs near my apartment. There's also a bus that I can catch near my office that goes there. Both the train and the bus cost about 12 cents. The menus at the McDonalds and KFC are a little different than in the US. The McDonalds has the Big Mac and hamburgers, but not quarter pounders. They also sell spicy chicken wings, and a pork sandwich. The KFC has chicken and pork also. The one little thing that I noticed is that they don't use as much salt on their food as we do in the US, so the food seems a little more bland than back in the States, but it's a good change of pace after eating a lot of chinese food.

The chinese food here is really good too. Since Dalian is a coastal city it has a lot of seafood. Some of the places here serve chinese food like what you'd expect to get in the US... meat, veggie and rice; some serve dim sum (dumplings and buns); some serve soups (sometimes called hot pots); and others would serve a mix of one or more of the above. There also a big variety of the meats and vegetables. The most exotic thing I've tried is some type of caterpillar. It tasted good, but had a very strong taste.


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