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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Too busy

I've been very busy trying to catch up on all of my work since getting back from vacation, and have not had much of a chance to post anything in awhile. I do not think things will slow down much until next year. I've only been on this project for about six months, and am already tired of it.

The weather here when I got back was a bit chillier than I thought it would be. It took me a little while, but I figured out the settings on my remotes for the heater/AC units in my apartment (which are in Chinese) and now I have a warm apartment. The thing is the heaters make a lot of clicking and creaking noises as they expand from the heat, and it tends to wake me up all of the time. I hope it's just because they are new and they'll quiet down after awhile.

On Saturday I got together with a few friends from India and they fixed a big lunch of Indian food. We had chicken curry, raita (yogurt with vegetables and Indian spices), a spicy mixed vegetable dish of potato and cauliflower, a pasta dish with Chinese curry, and rice. It was really wonderful. I ate so much that I did not need dinner that evening.

We have about a half a dozen people from India here at the office now, as well as someone from Norway. We had one person from Canada, but he is left on Friday to go back to Canada. We have some people from the Philippines coming later this week also. Now we will have enough people to arrange for Chinese language lessons.

I think my foreign co-workers are expecting me to set up the classes, but I'm too busy. Actually, I am probably too busy to attend classes. I've been too busy to even study the little Chinese I've learned since getting here. It would be nice if we could have IBM pay for our classes (especially since they keep me so busy I can not keep up with my Chinese studies), but we do not have any business justification for it. Sucks, huh?

Update: Due to a budget cut I will be leaving my current project on Friday. Yeah! :)


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