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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank of China sucks

I really hate Bank of China. There service is terrible, their regulations are stupid, and it seems no one there knows what they're doing. Today I went to the local branch that just opened next to my apartment. I wanted to change some dollars that I have in one of my accounts there to Chinese Yuan. They said they could not exchange currency at that branch. I had to ask them for directions to the nearest branch that would. After I went to the next branch that could exchange foreign currency they said they could not do it because my account was opened in another province.

After I got to the office we started calling the main branch in Liaoning Province (where I opened the account in Dalian) and the main branch in Sichuan Province (ChengDu), and the answer was the same... if I wanted to access my US Dollars I had to go to Dalian. Can you believe this s%#@? So much for "a comprehensive range of high-quality financial services to individual and corporate customers as well as financial institutions worldwide" as their website boasts. They can't even get their act together within their own country.

My pay is still going to my Dalian account too since I did not change my direct deposit to a ChengDu bank. I couldn't open a new bank account here because I didn't have my passport. The local government had my passport so I could get my new work permit and they took their sweet time returning it. With the costs of moving I am not sure I have enough Yuan to fly to Dalian and stay there at a hotel. And I definitely don't have enough Yuan to buy my airline tickets to the US for my vacation next month.

So thanks to these incompetent numb-nuts at Bank of China and their primitive monetary system I have to waste my time and money flying to Dalian just to transfer the money in my Bank of China account (Dalian) to my Bank of China account (ChengDu). And knowing how Bank of China works I will fly all the way to Dalian and they'll tell me they can not do anything because I need some form or something from ChengDu, or something from somewhere that they never bothered to tell me about.

I just so dread having to deal with the banks here.


  • I realize that it isn't funny to you, Steve. But it's really funny here, where the NRL Federal Credit Union is just falling all over themselves to take care of things.

    By Anonymous Les, at 11:06 PM  

  • Bank of China sucks is right Steve! I gave my wife a personal check drawn on a US bank that was debited from my USA bank account in only 10 days. It wasn't credited to her in Dalian's famous Bank of China until 45 or 50 days after the check was deposited. An absolutely deplorable bank. I think Chinese banks are probably all a royal nuisance to deal with for regular folks like us. They have my wife convinced it is 'normal'. A lot of things 'normal' to my Dalian born wife are without question intolerable to me, especially banking and medical care. Good going Steve!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:23 AM  

  • Do not use any of their services if you care about your privacy. Their staff will steal your personal information and spread it around. Inside the bank, they have almost no control about how to protect client's data! What a fuxking bank it is!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:01 AM  

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