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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Internet what?

While looking through the news the other day I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal...

Internet Hunting Has Got to Stop -- If It Ever Starts

The Humane Society of the United States last year mailed more than 50,000 people an urgent message, underlined and in bold type: "Such horrific cruelty must stop and stop now!"

The cruelty in question was Internet hunting, which the animal-rights group described as the "sick and depraved" sport of shooting live game with a gun controlled remotely over the Web. Responding to the Humane Society's call, 33 states have outlawed Internet hunting since 2005, and a bill to ban it nationally has been introduced in Congress.

But nobody actually hunts animals over the Internet.

One of the things about living in a developing country is seeing how things are in developed countries a little bit differently. To me it seems easier to see that in places like the US things are so good that people have to go out and make up things to fight against. At least things like this are not going to harm anyone like other things, such as the global warming scam. But you do have to wonder how much better off the world would be if people put their energies into fighting things that really are problems in the world like poverty, hunger, oppression, poor education, etc...


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