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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still settling in

Still getting settled in, and there's lots to do. I'm getting my internet connection at home upgraded since it is too slow for me to be able to connect to my systems at work. HR is helping with getting my new work permit and new residence permit for ChengDu. I need to find a housekeeper to come in and clean every once in awhile too. I've had a few recommendations, and have to decide who and when. I have to go buy some groceries when I get a chance, and I also need a haircut.

Another thing I have to do is get my bank account and pay straightened out. Currently I have my pay deposited into an account at the Bank of China, but that account was opened in Dalian and since it is in a different province they charge a lot for any transactions that happen outside of that province. Then there is the added problem that my account has both Chinese Yuan and US Dollars. Nothing's ever easy here.

One of the problems I've encountered here is a lack of taxi's, but my friends at work tell me I can hire a driver who'll drive me to work every day and the cost is not much more than a taxi. I even found one person who wants to my driver. He speaks a few words of English and his car is clean. Now I just need to get my schedule a bit more normal, so I can make arrangements with a driver if I do hire one. I am still resisting the urge to buy a car.

With the traffic not so hectic here in ChengDu I am having an easier time figuring out the rules of the road here... Basically, you only care what is in front of you, and you have to react to whatever happens in front of you. If someone is behind you then it is their responsibility to react to whatever happens in front of them. It's sort of strange, but seems to work ok.

Today we have someone from Vogue Magazine in the office giving lessons on makeup and such to the ladies who work here. I am not sure how our office got that arranged. I wish I had my camera.

I wonder what they have planned for us guys?


  • You are right. Nothing, as I like to say, is easy in China. I find I say that way too much. :)

    By Blogger Gabby Girl, at 12:15 AM  

  • It is pretty amazing, and it is really hard to describe to people back in the real world. I am not sure they can understand it until they've lived it.

    By Blogger Steve Harms, at 3:45 PM  

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