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Friday, June 23, 2006


It's finally Friday. I think this week I have gotten more computer virus attacks, email spam, unsolicated porn ads, etc... then I have gotten during the entire time I've been in China. Even with all that garbage going on it's been a fun week. I usually am helping friends and co-workers with their English language skills, and this week I have gotten some new requests to help explain American slang terms they've encountered. Some of them are pretty funny, such as the message someone got that they would go to "change jail" if they made changes without approval. No one here knew what "change jail" was.

The World Cup is still going on and just about everyone here are soccer fans. Since China is not in the World Cup this year you see people walking around with shirts and/or hats of whatever country they are supporting. A lot of people are rooting for England, Italy, and of course Brazil. I do not know a lot about soccer (they call it football, but I won't), and I know even less about the World Cup. My friends here were shocked that I did not know that the World Cup is only played every 4 years! Didn't I know all of the names of any of the players on the U.S. team? Not one name?! Hey, I'm a Redskin fan! I can name a bunch of them... what do you want? I am really starting to miss American football.


  • hey Steve, I'll be honest... I've no idea what "change jail" is.

    Also... whachu talkin' 'bout? They don't call it 'football' ... they call it zu qiu. ;-) haha.. I'm getting all semantical aren't I.

    Have you caught any games? It's a riot if you get into it. I also have only been educated about .... football .... since I came to China. I dig it. It's a lot like hockey - minus the ice. and pads. and canadians.

    By Anonymous The Humanaught, at 3:39 PM  

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