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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


There's only one major drawback to living by the sea... the wind.

Monday and Tuesday were very nice, and it seemed very much like Spring. Last evening though it started to get very windy and cold. The wind seemed non-stop all night and it sounded like a constant scream at times. This morning it was still very windy and I even had trouble walking in it, it was so strong. It is still a little windy this afternoon, but it seems to be tapering off some. Hopefully it will die down and it will start warming up again tomorrow.

One funny looking side-effect of all this wind is the litter. Usually there is litter on the ground just about every where, but the wind has picked up most of it and sent it into the trees. Where yesterday the trees were kind of pretty as they started to show buds for new flowers and/or leaves, today a lot of them have peices of paper and plastic bags stuck in them. It really looks kind of strange, but most people here don't seem to care.


  • Who cares about the wind, Lol.
    EQ is waiting. Let us know when you get squared away. BTW Amy and I are thinking Olympics.

    By Anonymous Greg G., at 12:04 AM  

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