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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ChengDu Annual Party

On Sunday evening we had a party to celebrate both the Chinese New Year and IBM Global Delivery's one year anniversary in ChengDu. The party was held at the YinHe Dynasty Hotel and we had about 400 or so people attend.

The party started with a meeting (it is IBM after all).

Before the meeting starts

IBM had a great 4th quarter and 2007 overall...

Some lovely co-workers

...Another good reason to celebrate!

The wine was pretty good

After the meeting we had a very nice dinner.

A toast during dinner

And after dinner we had the entertainment. I am always surprised at how many talented people we have here at IBM. We had singing...

Some lovely singers

A group of trainees sing several songs

... and dancing...

Modern dance routine

Middle Eastern dance number

A Latin dance

... and musical entertainment...

Acoustic band music

... and some funny skits...

Not so fast!

I had a great time. They really need to move the parties to Friday or Saturday nights though. It's pretty hard to get up and go to work the next day.

Besides the annual party we had snow on Sunday! It snowed Sunday morning, all day on Monday and in the morning on Tuesday. Some people here said it has not snowed in ChengDu for 5 years, others said 10 years. Luckily it was too warm for it to stick.


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