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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dancing ladies and cooking rats

On Friday night I went to the Shamrock Pub to have some dinner. I ended up running into a pretty lady there and dancing with her until 2:00am. I think she said her name was Lisa, but it was pretty loud so it might have been Lily or Lili. Anyways, the Shamrock Pub was going to have their 5th Anniversary party on Saturday night and Lisa want to dance some more, so we decided to meet there again the next evening.

I had my Chinese tutoring on Saturday afternoon with Reese at my place, and we mostly went over how to order Sichuan food in restaurants here. It was a lot of fun! I remembered that I had made a xerox copy of a menu from a Sichuan restaurant in Dalian, and we used that. The menu was handy since I not only learned pronunciations of different dishes, but had the Chinese characters so that I can study those too.

On Saturday night I went back to the Shamrock Pub and the party was in full swing by the time I got there. The place was very crowded and very noisy. Lisa had not arrived yet, but I ran into my friend Catherine and a co-worker of hers named Eris. It was great seeing them and I got to dance with Eris a little bit. Lisa showed up later, but I only danced a few times with her before I decided to leave. I did not get a chance to dance with Catherine. Oh well, another time I hope.

The Shamrock Pub is one of the sponsors for the ChengDu rugby team, and that day the team had played a rugby team from Beijing in ChengDu. The party on Saturday night started as an anniversary party for the pub, but as the evening went on it turned into a rugby party for the two teams. Nothing like a bunch of rowdy drunk rugby players all over the place. Anyways, I decided to go home early and left at around midnight. Eris and Catherine decided to leave at that time too after someone spilled a beer on Eris' dress. Lisa stayed to dance some more.

I was hoping to go out on Sunday and do some grocery shopping and get a haircut, but lost track of time playing a computer game and then decided to just stay home. After cooking dinner I watched the movie Ratatouille. It was really entertaining! A good Disney story with Pixar animations. My favorite line... "We hate to be rude, but... we're French". Actually, my favorite line was Ego's last review, but I won't disclose that here. You'll have to watch the movie yourself and see what he said. Enjoy!


  • I've known you a long time, Steve. I don't remember dancing ever being in your pick up routine. At least not until after the 10 komikazie limit had been reached.

    By Anonymous Les, at 8:44 AM  

  • Dancing isn't in my pickup routine... it's in the ladies pickup routine! Luckily none of them are wearing white. ;)

    By Blogger Steve Harms, at 11:17 AM  

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