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Monday, December 17, 2007

Playing with the camera some

In the middle of last week we had a cool sunny day, so I decided to take my camera to lunch and took some pictures around the software park where our office is.

A sign for our office building

Is this a system?

...or a program?

A little stroll after lunch (left to right... Lawrence, Prabhat, Cynthia, and Kwai Ling)

Some nice fountains

Sign for Software Park

The IBM office in the distance on the left

On Saturday night I took Reese out for a birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant here in ChengDu called Casa Mia. Her birthday isn't until the following Thursday, but she was going to be back home that day to visit her parents since her father is gravely ill. She had the lasagna, which she has never eaten before, and liked it very much.

On Sunday our Australia/New Zealand group at work had an outing to do some team building at a park called Ta Zi Shan Gong Yuan, which means something like big tower on the hill. We had about 20 people from the ANZ projects team attend. The day seemed really cold and cloudy, but everyone had a good time.

Big tower on a hill

Path into the park

Large stone carving

Another nice path

A team building game

Team jump rope

Some workers nearby work on new statues

I accidentally turned on a weird color feature on my camera and did not notice.

Team jump for the cameras

Banana eating competition

Some of the ANZ group enjoy a puzzle game

After the team building games we went to a barbecue place nearby. Barbecue here is different that back in the States... here it means something on a stick and grilled over a fire. We had some lamb, potatoes, chicken wing tips, rabbit, cucumbers, duck tongue, eggplant, sheep throat, cauliflower, duck liver, pork, some milk for those who can't handle spicy food, and beer for the rest of us.


  • More cow bell. What that outing needed was more cow bell.

    Tell Kwai Ling she needs her own blog.

    By Anonymous Les, at 6:12 AM  

  • Why?


    By Blogger Steve Harms, at 10:09 AM  

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