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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Friends, pizza, and a camera

We have a program at work to help provide an opportunity for our Chinese employees to practice their spoken English, and the team here has come up with some creative activities for them. Last week we started a drama competition. The competitors form groups of about 6 people, choose an episode of the TV show Friends (which is very popular here), and perform that episode in front of an audience at the office. We had the first group perform last week and it was a lot of fun!

Monica (Wang Hua) and Ross (Hou Chao Qing) tell dirty little secrets, shocking everyone during Thanksgiving.

On Saturday night I took Reese out for pizza after our Chinese tutoring. I was surprised she had never eaten pizza before. We had a large pizza that had bacon and mushroom on one half and mexican beef with chili peppers on the other half. After dinner we took a walk along a river that was nearby the restaurant. It was not too chilly out, but chilly enough that most people were not out walking around, so it turned out to be a nice stroll without a crowd.

On Sunday I went out looking for a new pocket camera. My old camera still works, but the pictures do not come out as nice as they use to, and I wanted to get a new one before my vacation. I had a list of various cameras that I was looking for and ended up getting a Canon IXUS 75 (which is called a PowerShot SD750 in the US). After I bought that I had to search around on the internet to find a user's manual in English, and then spent Sunday evening reading that. I did some test shots on Monday, but it is pretty cloudy outside.

Reese posing for one of my camera shots.

I still am trying to figure out all the features. I will definitely have to figure out how to get the best quality on cloudy days here.


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