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Monday, July 16, 2007

Apartment in ChengDu

My apartment is in a new apartment complex called The Waterfront, which is located on the southeast part of town halfway between downtown and my office which is located outside of town to the south and called Tian Fu Software Park. The Waterfront is located along the Fu Nan River which is one of the rivers that run through ChengDu.

The complex is really nice too, with small streams and ponds winding their way through it. The grounds are really nice and well maintained.

The apartment is located on the 3rd floor and overlooks some of the streams and the indoor swimming pool.

There is also an outdoor pool (with beach area and swim up bar), a BBQ area, a small gym, a little convenience store, a putting practice green (almost completed), play areas for the kids, and very nice shady spots to sit and relax. In the mornings I can hear birds singing and in the evening I can hear frogs from the ponds.

The apartment itself is a little bigger than my apartment in Dalian, but pretty much the same setup... Living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms with one of the bedrooms changed into an office.

It's still a bit messy since I am still unpacking stuff.

A few improvements include three gas stove tops that actually have gas (they never did turn the gas on at my apartment in Dalian), a rather large balcony, and a clothes washer that is also a clothes dryer! (Yeah!) There is also a second guest bathroom off of the living room.


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