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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pizza night

Last night I went out for pizza with a group that is made up of mostly expats. The expats here in Dalian usually have get togethers each week for coffee, pizza, etc... Pizza and Pasta Tuesdays was at the Olive Garden restaurant before, but we tried a new place last night called Didi's Pizza. The pizza there was much better than the pizza at Olive Garden, but they did not have lasagna. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and a lot more people showed up than was expected.

I also finally met Ally. She's from Dalian and works for one of our competitors here. A co-worker of mine gave me her online address awhile back, so I have been chatting with her online for the last few months. It was a real pleasure to meet her in person. She joined me for pizza at Didi's and was wonderful company.

Less than three more weeks until the Labor Day holiday. I am going to be working support the week before (7 days - 14 hours a day), so I will definitely be looking forward to having a week off. Right now the plan is to go to Shenzhen for a few days, then a few days sightseeing around Yangshuo, and then go to Macau for a day. The plan has changed a few times already, so we'll see if it changes anymore before now and the holiday.


  • Wow, long hours there. You sure you don't work for my old company Clear Channel? No? Silly me then you would have to work for 16 hour days, Lol.

    Ever get the mobo fixed?


    By Anonymous Greg, at 2:52 AM  

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