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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Warming up

I think winter in Dalian is finally over. It is starting to warm up some, and today I went to work without my winter coat. Here's a few pictures taken a few days after the big storm we had last week...

I wish I could have taken more, but it was too cold and I wanted to get out of the wind. Like I said earlier, it's warming up now and the other night there was no wind. I even had trouble getting to sleep the other night since it was so quiet.

Other than that I have been spending most of the time at work, and messing with a computer game called Everquest II when I'm not working. On Friday evening though I spent the evening with a lady I met awhile ago. We walked around Xinghai Square and went out to Brando's Pizza for some dinner.

It was kind of funny how we met... She works near where I live and for about a year I would see her some mornings at the bus stop when I was leaving for work and she was arriving. She would always give me a nice smile and we would exchange "Ni Hao"s (Hello). We never had time to talk, but a few days ago we ran into each other somewhere else and had time to chat. Her English is a little rusty, but we had a nice time chatting and eating pizza on Friday.


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