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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Guo Nian Hao!

The Chinese New Year holiday is over and it's time to go back to work! I really needed a week away from the office.

On Chinese New Year's eve Kaoruko, and a friend of hers from Japan, and I went to spend the evening at a Chinese co-workers' house with his wife. We had a really great dinner, chatted, shot off fireworks, and then ate dumplings. It was a wonderful way to spend the evening. Kaoruko doesn't get the Chinese holidays off since her customers are in Japan, so we were lucky that it was on a Saturday night and she could join us.

A few days after Chinese New Years I had some friends come over to my place for dinner. My friend Jessie and two of her friends who were visiting for the holiday. I cooked Fiesta Chops (recipe here), and it turned out pretty well...

Here I am with Fang (left) from Shanghai and Cindy (right) from Dalian...

... and here I am with Jessie. Jessie helped cook some and also helped clean up. Thanks Jessie!

After dinner we watched the fireworks over Xinghai Square from my apartment...

Oooo.... Ah....

After the fireworks we went out dancing. The first place we went to was so full of people we could not get a table, so we went to another place. The second place we went to was also crowded, but we got to share a table with someone. It was a really fun time.

On Wednesday a co-worker from the US came over to my place and we watched the Colts/Patriots playoff game that my Father recorded on DVD for me. We had pizza and some beer and it was a lot of fun to watch American TV, American TV commercials, and of course watch some real football. The only football we get here is soccer.

On Friday I was hungry for some German food and went out to eat at Paulaners. The food was really good and they also have a good band from the Philippines. I got to talking with some of the ladies in the band and they wanted to go out dancing when the band was done, so later we headed out to a place called Alice Bar. There we met up with some other people... another lady from the Philippines and a guy from Italy. It was fun, but the ladies kept getting me to dance, so I was really tired.

On Saturday I woke up early, but realized I had caught a cold. I was going to cook dinner for Kaoruko and a friend of hers that evening, but I called and postponed that. I slept most of the day and still feel kind of out of it today. Perfect condition to go back to work.


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