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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bad mobo and good mojo

On Thursday night my computer started having problems. It was hanging during boot, and I got various blue screens of death when it did boot. I spent Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday tracking down the problem. It seems some of the memory slots on the mother board went bad. One slot is still ok, so I can run it with a single stick of one gig memory. Hopefully that one won't crap out on my before I can find another board. On the plus side, after all the diagnotics I did, my bios is up-to-date and tweaked real good, all of my drivers are up-to-date, and my memory modules have been thoroughly tested and work ok (even though I can only use one of them now). The difference between running with only one gig of memory and two gigs in a dual channel setup is slightly noticable.

On Sunday I met up with Cindy and Jessie for lunch, and afterwards we went shopping for some groceries. They wanted to cook dinner for me since I had cooked dinner for them before. Buying groceries was fun. Since we decided to cook it at my place they did not know which ingredients I had and which I needed. Some of the ingredients they only knew the Chinese name for and I only knew the English name for, so there was a lot of, "Oh, I already have some of that". Eventually we got all the ingredients they needed and we went back to my place. It was still kind of early, so we just relaxed and chatted for awhile before starting on dinner.

Here's Jessie enjoying the sunshine by the window in my living room...

The ladies start preparing dinner. Yum!...

For dinner we had chicken curry, stir fried string beans with pork, and rice with dates. For dessert we had strawberries and chocolate truffles. The dinner was great and the company was wonderful. Unfortunately, Cindy had to leave early so they left before it got too late. I spent the rest of the evening messing with the computer and watched a DVD.

Today I saw a bee while I was outside. A sure sign of Spring, I hope.


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