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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winter is definitely here

The weather this week was not too bad... until Friday. Low tempatures and high winds. When I got home from work my feet felt like they were frozen. Saturday I awoke to find it had snowed during the night. Not too much though, but it was cold enough to stick. I went out for lunch and also bought a new cell phone, and the weather was pretty bad especially with all of the snow and ice, but it got even worse as the day went on. I was going to go out on Saturday night with some friends to a party downtown, but since the weather was so bad I decided not to go.

The party sounded like a lot of fun too... They had three guest DJs (one from the US, one from Russia, and one from Japan) who were going to be playing a lot of new stuff. This town needs some new sounds. The few places they have that play dance music (and there aren't many) have been playing the same old stuff for the last two years now.

Anyways, I stayed home and watched Gone with the Wind, which was appropriate since the wind outside was howling so loud it sounded like a jet aircraft had parked itself on top of my apartment. It sounded like the windows were going to break in all night long. Today it is sunny but still very windy and cold (the high tempature will be -4°C), so I am going to just hang out and relax at home today. I think it will warm up a little tomorrow.


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