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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Entertaining weekend

This weekend was an entertaining weekend. On Saturday I went to Metro with Cynthia and Jackie and we bought a bunch of ingredients for dinner that night. I found this recipe for Make That Chicken Dance" Salsa Pasta", and I thought that would be fun to make. I am not sure why, but I like to make western dishes for my friends here as much as I like trying dishes they make for me. Anyways, we went to Metro and Cynthia had never been there, so we had a lot of fun showing her around as we looked for groceries.

The only bad part was when we were in the checkout line some loser decided to cut in line in front of us. I told Cynthia and Jackie we should just take his items and throw them on the floor behind us, but instead they decided to teach me how to call someone nasty names in Chinese within earshot of the twit. Then, to my surprise, they decided to tell the jerk what a rude S.O.B he was and that they didn't approve of his behavior. By the time he finished paying for his stuff and was leaving he realized every person in all of the checkout lines was looking at him disapprovingly, and I hope he realized he had lost much face.

After Metro we went back to my place, cooked the pasta, had some wine, ate dinner, and then watched the first episode of Foyle's War. If you have not seen this series it is pretty good... Good stories, good acting, and the ladies had fun trying to figure out who murdered who. I am not sure they have good mystery shows here... I know they don't show those old Charlie Chan movies.

On Sunday I spent most of the afternoon cooking some chili. Besides my normal recipe I added some Sichuan red pepper sauce that Jackie's father had made and given me a few months ago. I think it was the hottest chili I ever made. While I was recovering from that I watched a movie I found online called "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness" with Ingrid Bergman. The story is about an English women name Gladys Aylward who came to China in the 1932 as a missionary. Although the movie is not entirely accurate (Hollywood... go figure) they got a lot of it right, and it is a wonderful movie. After watching it though I started to wonder... what happened to the children? Where are they today? I think that would be an interesting story.


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