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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Name Change, Part 2

Yeah, yeah,... I was suppose to post a bunch of pictures about my vacation, but I have been too busy (and I am also waiting on pictures from others). I will post them soon.

Anyways, back in June I changed the name of the blog from Steve's Dalian Blog to Steve's China Blog, but I did not explain why. Now I can! IBM China is opening a new office in ChengDu and I am going to be moving there. I am not sure when I will be going to ChengDu yet. I have heard as early as November and as late as February, but I am thinking that mid to late January is most likely.

ChengDu is the capital of the Sichuan Province, and can be seen in the middle of the satallite image above. Whereas Dalian is considered a new city which has been around for about a hundred years, ChengDu has a very long history... about 2400 years worth. A lot of good info about ChengDu and its history can be found at Wikipedia here. ChengDu is also not as fast-paced as Dalian and has many things that Dalian does not have (such as Chinese culture, very spicy Sichuan food, Mexican restaurants, etc...), so I am looking forward to going there. Also, since ChengDu is in the middle of China it should make it easier to travel around China.


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