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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cloudy ChengDu

On Tuesday we flew from Xi'an to ChengDu, and checked into the hotel. I found out they had a Peter's Tex-Mex Grill here too (two of them actually), so we had dinner there. It seemed like a good way to prepare for a city that boasts about their spicy food.

On Wednesday we went to the Panda Center, and got to see a lot of pandas.

They had a lot of baby pandas at this center, but unfortunately we couldn't take pictures of them. They did have some red pandas too.

After visiting the pandas we went to visit an area called SanXingDuo. This was an ancient settlement that perished a long time ago. Artifacts from the site were discovered as early as 1929, but the place was never excavated until the 1980's. They found a lot of artifacts there since, but most of the information about the people is still a mystery. It was an interesting place, but way out in the boonies and we had to travel back and forth along some pretty bad roads.

On Thursday we were going to meet with some friends of mine and wander around ChengDu, but the weather was pretty bad, so we just stayed at the hotel and relaxed during the day. That evening we went to visit my friend Cynthia at her parents' home where we had dinner.

The meal was really wonderful. Lots of spicy Sichuan food, as well as some milder specialties in case the food was too spicy for us. It was really nice of Cynthia's parents to have us over.

On Friday we met some friends for a hotpot lunch.

After lunch we got a little tour of the Sichuan University in ChengDu. It was very nice, even though it was starting to rain. After that we headed to the airport to fly back to Dalian.


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