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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Express mail

I had to send a bill to Hong Kong yesterday and I went to the Post Office and asked to send it express mail, because mail service here is kind of slow (it can take around two weeks to get a letter from or to the U.S.). The express mail service (EMS) here has a seperate form when sending express mail outside of China and to Hong Kong and Macou. I filled out the form to have my letter sent and the lady working at the Post Office noticed there was no zipcode. I tried to explain that Hong Kong does not have a zipcode, and I think she understood. This morning the Post Office called me and said that that EMS would not send my letter since it did not have a zipcode. Usually when things can't be done here it is because of two reasons... it really can't be done or, as is often the case, someone does not want to do their job and just says it can't be done. If they couldn't send my letter because there was no zipcode that would mean EMS has never sent any mail to Hong Kong before. Hmm... Anyways, I sent my letter via airmail. I hope it isn't returned, or go missing like several letters that have been sent me in the past have.


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