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Monday, January 23, 2006

Boom Boom!

The fireworks started on Sunday night. You can always hear fireworks in Dalian, but there were a lot more on Sunday night since it is the beginning of the Lunar New Year. I should see if I can find where they sell fireworks at here. I don't mean the little firecrackers either... I mean those big starburst types. I think that might be fun shooting off some of those. I sure miss blowing stuff up! Hehe. I think the fireworks will go on until... late-February? At least they don't shoot them off in the morning (yet).

Speaking of mornings... I think one of my neighbors has a new pet. A rooster! Damn thing woke me up this morning. I just have to remember, "tastes like chicken, tastes like chicken"... That'll help. This is going to be the year of the Dog. Last year was the year of the Rooster. Maybe I can find a dog that likes to eat roosters. I hope I don't have to hear that thing every morning. That reminds me, I wanted to make an appointment with a realtor to go look at new apartments. I'll do that tomorrow if I have time.


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