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Friday, December 02, 2005


It has gotten really cold in Dalian this last week or so, and the latest forecast is for snow... for the next four days! When I was coming here back in February everyone was telling me that it doesn't snow much in Dalian, but my flight was delayed in Beijing a day due to a snow storm in Dalian. So much for that global warming nonsense.

One of the things that is interesting here is how they clear snow. The city of Dalian only has two snow plows, and I think the only place they are used is in front of the Mayor's house and the Mayor's office. Everywhere else is cleared using good old manual labor. A few big trucks pull up with dozens of people with snow shovels and they clear the streets and sidewalks. It's not too efficient, but they have a lot of manual labor here in China.

On the bright side, I am going to be taking off a few days at the end of the year and am hopefully going to Phuket Thailand. It should be nice and warm there. I got my confirmation from the resort today and the total price was too low, and when I enquired about it they told me I was getting two days for free! That was good news! I'll probably spend that shopping in Bangkok.


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