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Monday, November 28, 2005

Movies and a dinner

I was planning to go to the gym on Saturday, but I was so busy all week that I did not get to practice my Chinese any, so I stayed home and practiced that all morning and afternoon. After dinner I watched the movie Batman Begins. That was much better than the other Batman movies. Speaking of movies, it looks like Bruce Willis is going to make a movie about the Iraq War which will portray American Soldiers, specifically the Deuce Four, the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry. Check out my link to Micheal Yon's blog on the right side of this page for more info about this unit. It should be a fantastic movie!

At work we have a program to help people speak English better, and I mentor six co-workers in this program. We usually try and get together and do things, such as story telling, to give my people a chance to practice their English. On Sunday night we went to the German restaurant here in Dalian for dinner. Everyone had a good time sampling German food, sampling German-style beer, and practicing their English. It was a fun evening. There was even a band that played later in the evening from the Phillipines. There are a lot of bands from the Phillipines all over asia. We stayed for one set and then called it a night.


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