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Monday, August 08, 2005

Beer Festival (part 2)

Saturday I joined about two dozen co-workers and guests and went to the China International Beer Festival again (above). Since we had more people than the first time we pretty much just stayed in one spot to keep from getting seperated. The place we stayed at had some decent Chinese beer and some good entertainment (below).

After we had a few beers at the festival some of us headed over to a kareoke place and hung out there for awhile. Everyone eventually talked me into singing a song, which was the only song on the kareoke machine that I have ever sang before and that was Country Roads by John Denver. I now apologize to all of the dogs that were within a mile of the place whose ears had to suffer my singing.

After kareoke a few of us headed over to JDs (above) and danced away the rest of the night with some Russian girls. I finally got out of there and made it home around dawn. Sunday was a lazy day spent finishing the new Harry Potter book, watching a little TV, and snoozing.

Today I had to get up early and come into the office to take an English language proficency test. The only reason I think I had to take the test was so that the company could say that all of its employees here had been tested and had some proficiency in the English language.

I think we must be getting the edge of a typhoon that is approaching the coast to the south, since it was pooring rain (and still is pooring rain). The street out in front of my apartment was like a shallow river, and I wasn't going to be able to get across to the bus stop there, so I took a cab into work. As I was waiting for a cab a bus came down the shoulder and sent a huge wave up on the sidewalk. I saw it coming and stepped back in time, but a couple next to me didn't and got soaked. The forecast I saw on the internet shows rain for the next nine days too. I thought someone here told me they didn't have monsoons!

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