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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Touring Dalian

We have a couple of visiting US IBMer's who are here for a few weeks to provide training to some of our teams, and on Saturday a couple of us from the office took them on a little tour of Dalian. Most of the trip was along the scenic Binhai Road which winds along the coast. We stopped at a few beaches, such as Tiger Beach (see picture) and then had lunch in town at a typical Chinese restaurant. After lunch we visited the Olympic Square electronic market and bought some DVDs and computer game CDs. It was a pretty enjoyable day.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping Saturday night though, and as Sunday dawned I realized I had both a sunburn and a cold. I think I got the cold from the sitting by the air conditioner in the van we were in the day before. I spent most of Sunday trying to sleep. There was not much else to do since my ISP was down and the game CDs I had bought the previous day were no good (darn pirated junk). I'm feelin much better today.

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