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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hotpot, Tropico, etc...

I got over my jet lag pretty quickly. It was good to go out my first weekend back for some hotpot. Reese and her family took me to a hotpot place near where they live that has an all-you-can-eat hotpot. Oh, I felt so fat after that! I think a 13 day trip home was just right... I just started getting really hungry for Sichuan food by the end of my trip.

A friend of mine went to a city in northern China called Harbin. The ice sculptures there are much much more impressive than the ice sculptures at the ice show I saw while back in the US. The link to see his pictures can be found here.

I know I have not posted much lately, but I've been busy with work, and also I've been playing around with a computer game I bought in the US called Tropico 3, which is a new version of the game Tropico in which you get to be the leader/dictator of a Caribbean island country. Viva El Presidente!

Tropico combines city management with a wide variety of residential, economic, civic, and military structures and transportation and resourcing management, with political gameplay including a variety of factions with needs and demands, elections, coups and revolutions when needs are not met, and the ability to follow each Tropican including key faction leaders individually, determining individual needs and orientations, and apply a variety of means of persuasion from improvement of conditions or bribes to firing, imprisonment, and assassination. It also has a groovy island musical soundtrack!

I see that it's been a very good week in the US! The Supreme Court overturned a bunch of unconstitutional campaign finance restrictions that the socialists have been slowing building up over the last few decades. In Massachusetts they elected a conservative republican to take Ted Kennedy's senate seat (defeat the machine!). The aristocrats in the congress and senate are scrambling to distance themselves from El Presidente's socialist agenda now, since they realize the voters might not be as stupid as they thought. It's so much fun to watch the crazies go at it! (links here and here). And if all that wasn't funny enough there is this...

Voting Democrat Causes Cancer



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