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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween Party

Saturday was Halloween, and I hadn't really planned to do anything or go anywhere. I was talking with my friend Reese about going out to dinner on Saturday night when I remembered that there was going to be a Halloween party at Hooters. We decided to meet there that evening; and Reese would bring her boyfriend, her sister Rena, and their mother. Their mother had never been to an American restaurant before, and none of them had been to a Halloween party before.

I knew that the waitresses there would be wearing costumes, but I was surprised how good they were and I was surprised that so many customers dressed up in costume. Here's a few pictures...

Welcome to Hooters!

Nice chains

Here kitty, kitty!

Me with the lovely witch Ivy

A nice variety of costumes

The four riders of the apocalypse take a break

A new Hooters girl? I hope not

Time to dance!

For entertainment the waitresses put together a cool little dance. It started with the girls lying on the floor like they were dead...

Arise my pretties!

Then they came to life and did a Chinese style fan dance...

Lovely fan dance

Then it turned into a really sexy modern dance...

Go girls, go!

It was a lot of fun. There was also a beer drinking contest...

They have to drink from hats?

Heck with the hat. Gimme the glass!

...and they also had a limbo dance contest...

How low can you go?

It was all a lot of fun, and my guests had a great time too.

Nicole, myself, and Cici

The Manchus grab Tina!


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