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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday USMC!

The 10th of November is the birthday for the U.S. Marine Corps. There are six marines here in Chengdu who provide security for the consulate here, and on Saturday night they had a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel to celebrate.

Nice ice statue

I asked my friend Jessie to go with me and she was nice enough to accept. We spent Saturday afternoon running around getting our clothes, and Jessie's makeup and hair done. She looked great!

Jessie and I all dressed up

There was about 150 people total who attended the party. Most people were Americans, but there was a few Chinese, a few Australians, and a few Brits.

Cocktail hour outside the ballroom

We both had a good time meeting new people, as well as people I had known previously. We also met someone named Rachel. Jessie doesn't usually meet many women taller than herself, so she had to get a picture with her...

Jessie and Rachel

After the cocktail meet and greet, we went into the ballroom and watched the ceremonies. The started with some of the marines presenting the colors...

Start of the ceremonies

After that the person in charge at the consulate give birthday wishes to the Marine Corps from the State Department. Then they showed a video from the head of the Marine Corps wishing the marines a happy birthday, and showed a bit about what the marines are all about. After that the guest of honor talked about his 17 years in marines. By the time he was finished we were all ready for dinner.

Dinner table centerpiece

We had salad...

Nice salad. Jessie is good at taking pictures of food

... and soup...

Minestrone soup with pesto

Jessie had the stuffed chicken...

Jessie's chicken entree

...and I had the beef tenderloin...

My steak

For dessert there was a dessert buffet...

A small part of the dessert buffet

...and someone making Bananas Foster. The kids loved that...

Flame on!

After dinner there was some dancing and more socializing...

After dinner dancing

It was a rather enjoyable evening, and it was nice to spend the evening in such an American way.


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