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Friday, December 11, 2009

8 Trees

On Thursday afternoon I got a message from a friend of mine named Sophia who was wondering if I had plans for the evening. I told her I didn't have any plans, and she invited me to dinner. Later that evening I went and met her at a place here called 8 Trees Wine Bar for a dinner and wine tasting. This was the first time I had been to this place, and it was very nice. For dinner we had:

Garden salad, with La Jalle Rouge 2006 - Bordeaux Red
Chicken sauté et Provence style tomatoes, with Lacaze 2006 - Bordeaux Superieur Red
Cheese and fruit, with Remparts Figeac 2005 - Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

The food was very good and the wine was excellent. There were about 2 dozen people who showed up for the dinner. Most were from Europe. The people that Sophia and I sat with were from France, and luckily most of them could speak English so we had a good conversation all evening.

I think the 8 Tree is named for the trees that are out front. They provide a nice shady cafe-like setting when the weather is nice, and I'm hoping to go try that out when spring comes. The 8 Trees is also right next to the only Catholic church in Chengdu, and I was told that it was actually part of the church a long time ago.

When Sophia and I left we walked around to the front of the church, and it was very pretty. Sophia wanted to give me a ride home on her electric scooter, but it was too cold to ride on that so I took a taxi home. I also didn't want her to drive me all the way to my apartment, and then have to drive all the way to her home on such a cold evening.


  • Doh! You are getting old. You should have kept her warm :-)

    By Anonymous Greg, at 3:20 AM  

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