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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Island - Day 3

In the morning Jackie and I went to a place called Kona Royal Resort, which is a timeshare where we got a sales pitch about some timeshares. The place was very nice, and we got some time to wander about and see everything.

Swanky pool at the Kona Royal Resort

Nice golf course nearby

The sales pitch was pretty interesting, but we weren't that interested now... Maybe some day.

Lovely area by the beach

Jackie and I out for a stroll

Anyways, we got some good discounts and saved a few hundred dollars on some activities we wanted to do. We scheduled our air tour of the island and a luau for the next day. By the time we finished it was about time for lunch, so we went back to our place and Jackie cooked some Korean-style soup with shrimp and tofu. It was really yummy! After lunch we relaxed for awhile and then I went for a swim in the pool.

I wish we had these styrofoam thingies when I was a kid

After my swim we took a drive to the south. There were some places we were told that were nice to see. There was a Kona coffee farm nearby, but it was closed when we got there.

I am not sure what this says

I know what this says. Great street sign

The one place we did find was St. Benedict's Painted Church. This little church was built in 1899 and still holds services.

St. Benedict's Painted Church

We also wanted to visit a place called the Place of Refuge which is nearby the church, but Jackie was starting to feel tired so we went back to our place.

Lazy sunset

While Jackie took a little nap I went to the store and picked up a plain frozen pizza for dinner. I put the leftover spaghetti sauce on the pizza and baked that for us. It turned out pretty good. We spent the evening relaxing and watching TV. The next day would be a very busy day.


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