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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Big Island - Day 2

We spent the first part of our vacation on Big Island. We stayed a few days on the west side of the island near Keauhou (near where route 11 and route 180 is marked on the west side of the map below) which is a little south of Kailua Kona.

Map of Big Island

On our second day on Big Island we went to visit the activities desk at the place we were staying to find out what activities were available. There were two things we wanted to do on Big Island... take an air tour of the island and go to a luau. The person who setup the activities told us about a timeshare tour that was put on by the company the owned the place we were staying at, which we could go to for 90 minutes and we would be able to get some good discounts on the activities we wanted to do, so we signed up to do that the next day.

The rest of the morning we spent driving around looking for a bank where I could change Chinese Yuan into Dollars. Eventually we found a branch of the Bank of Hawaii that could do that for me. While I was looking for banks Jackie was looking for coffee. Jackie likes coffee and luckily for her there are a lot of coffee places here.

A coffee shop that Jackie visited

After exchanging some money and buying coffee we stopped by a store called Hilo Hatties next to the bank and I bought a few Hawaiian shirts. For lunch we went to restaurant called Big Island Grill, which is a place recommended by some locals. The food at the Big Island grill is mostly American food and they serve large portions. It was hard to find parking, but the food was worth it.

The B.I.G lunch special

After lunch we went driving around and stopped by a place called Kona Inn Shopping Center. There are a lot of shops here that sell all kinds of things... souvenirs, art work, clothing, and swimwear. I bought a new swimsuit and some flip flops.

Jackie doing some window shopping

The store we liked the most was an art store that had a big variety of paintings.

Nice paintings in an art store

Some even had a Chinese style to them, and after inquiring we discovered that there are 3 Chinese artists that sell artwork there.

One of the paintings by one of the store's Chinese artists

After awhile of shopping we stopped by a nearby beach. This beach wasn't sandy, but was made up of lava rock and coral. Jackie had on her swimsuit, so she went for a little swim.

Jackie takes a swim

On the way back to our room we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some things to make spaghetti that evening and to make some Korean-style soup with shrimp and tofu for lunch the next day. We also bought some strawberries and some chocolate covered macaroons for dessert.

Spaghetti dinner

That evening we ate dinner at our room, watched some TV, and did some emails and chatting on the internet. We had to get up early for the timeshare sales pitch the next morning.


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